Okay, I’ll Say It. Why Is Obama President? Because He’s Black.

Political Correctness Run Amok


This is an issue that constantly comes up in conversation lately, particularly when people express their puzzlement that Obama’s “likeability” polls so high coming into the election. “How can his policies be so bad, yet people still seem to like him so much?”, I constantly hear.

Well, the question they should be asking is how such an incompetent perpetual-campaigner and golf-pro-wannabe ever got elected to that office in the first place. And as far as I’m concerned, the answer is very simple: because he’s black. Or half-black, to be exact.

Would this guy be President?

Let’s face it. If a white guy named Barry O’Bannion had put his hat in the ring with a resume that included zero private-sector experience, zero state-level executive experience, and only two years of experience in federal office, he’d have been laughed out of the primary. Yet that’s exactly what Barry Obama did, and he got away with it. His entire 2008 campaign consisted of shameless sloganeering devoid of actual policy proposals: he was the “not Bush” guy; “Hope and Change”; “Yes, we can!” and “Si, se puedes!”; “Transform America”; and pretty much nothing else.

How did such abysmal vapidity succeed in propelling this empty suit to the White House, you ask? Because for far, far too many voters this was the opportunity to show how enlightened we’d become. We’re actually going to elect a Black Man as President! Aren’t we just oh so sophisticated and open-minded! What a great country!

And why do the polls even now show Obama having such high personal popularity? In my estimation based on human nature, for the exact same reason. When polled, many people are hesitant – at the least – to express a negative view of the amateur in the White House for fear of being thought of as “racist”.

And they may well have good cause. In an administration that was supposed to put “racism” to rest, we’ve reached the point at which any criticism of Obama’s policies is automatically “RAAAACIST!!!” Far from removing racism as an issue, it’s been amplified beyond all sanity.

Of course, the reason for this is because Obama’s policies have been so disastrous for the country that he can’t possibly run on his record and hope for re-election, so he and his supporters have to stifle any policy criticisms at any and all costs.

Let’s hope they don’t get away with it this time. Let’s send this nimrod back to the driving range, where he belongs.

© Brian Baker 2012