More On My City Council Excellent Adventure

How interesting.

Over the last few days, since the City Council’s May 8 open meeting at which they voted to oppose “sanctuary state” status, I’ve read a couple of letters published in The Signal, as well as the staff’s own editorial, characterizing the meeting as being pretty much an out-of-control near-riot.

Having been there myself, and addressed the Council, I have to wonder if those people are talking about the same meeting I attended.

As I discussed in my last column (“Mission Accomplished”, May 10), though emotions ran high I thought Mayor Weste did a pretty good job of keeping things under control and moving forward.

I was in the back of the room and could see pretty much everything that was happening. Contrary to Roselva Ungar’s assertions that it was the “red hats” causing all the commotion (“Shocked at behavior,” May 15), both sides had their adherents periodically misbehaving by waving their signs and placards, and shouting or speaking loudly against speakers who represented the opposing view.

The Signal’s own editorial (“A dark hour for discussion,” May 15) took the position that the deputies should have ejected the boisterous, or the entire meeting should have been cancelled and adjourned. Well, all I can say is, welcome to the modern era.

Maybe ejecting some of the misbehavers would have quieted down those who remained. We’ll never know, but it also could have led to a much nastier scene. Our modern political zeitgeist would encompass either outcome. Mayor Weste clearly decided to play it safe.

But adjourning the meeting would have been the wrong move to make. It would have been a de facto capitulation to “sanctuary state” supporters if the city failed to address the issue one way or the other once it was on the agenda. This is a favored tactic of, primarily, the left, as we see on campuses regularly when they stage raucous “protests’ and effectively shut down scheduled events and prevent conservative speakers from making their speeches and presentations.

Are we to allow our own City Council meetings to be victimized the same way?

There are those who say we shouldn’t have been involved in this issue at all, but why would that be true (unless, of course, you didn’t like the outcome)? This state is a part of the Union yet felt free to declare its own immigration policy. By that same logic we’re a part of this state and are perfectly free to declare our opposition to that policy. In fact, if we had our own police force instead of contracting with the county sheriff, I think it would have been interesting to instruct our cops to disregard the state’s edict altogether.

As to any “expense” incurred, as I mentioned in my last column it will be pretty minimal, since all we’re doing is filing an amicus brief in support of the suit against the state that’s already been filed by the federal Justice Department. The staff attorneys can do that, and they’re on salary.

Ultimately, it boils down to this: Why on earth should we be laying out a “welcome mat” (per Alan Blake in “Legal immigrant’s response”, May 15) for illegal aliens? What part of “illegal” do people not understand?

©Brian Baker 2018


(Also published today in my local newspaper, The Signal)

15 comments on “More On My City Council Excellent Adventure

  1. Hardnox says:

    Well stated Brian. Once again, the media attempt to make opinion/shape opinion rather than report what actually happened. Shame on them.

    It’s refreshing to see your city council members perform their duties. Obviously “illegal” is understood by them. Kudos.

  2. MJP7200 says:

    I once went to one of those townhall events that spread the nation a couple years ago here in Laramie. It was interesting. It was full of liberals, and the vast majority got up and spoke rambling incoherent statements concerning how bad Rep Cheney and Sens. Barasso and Enzi were doing. Of course, the electeds did not show, but the presenters had little cut outs of them blown up and put them in chairs on the stage.

    It was put on by a group called Forward Wyoming, and it was disgusting. To my papers’ credit, they actually reported the event well. I, and a couple other conservatives (there about 4 of us there) got up and said a few words. I was actually quoted fairly correctly. I got up and called out the people there for being an echo chamber and, since the purpose of the event was to talk to the electeds, I told the electeds that this small group does not represent everyone in the state.

    Also, I told you about the gun issue at our GOP convention. That was handled quite well by our paper, too.

    That said, I do believe that too many in the media and the public just don’t care about truth or reality but only in advancing their cause. Unfortunately, it is both sides, but it is worse on the left, IMHO.

    BTW, another post at 🙂 Feel free to swing by, folks!

    • BrianR says:

      Worse on the left by FAR.

      • MJP7200 says:

        Very true. That was abundantly clear that night.

      • BrianR says:


      • MJP7200 says:

        But the right does it, too, like what happened at the GOP convention here. Left is worse, but I don’t want the right to follow suit.

      • BrianR says:

        Oh, I agree. There’s a reason I’m not a GOPer anymore.

        I spend a lot of time and space criticizing GOPers for a variety of sins, and there are a few I despise at least as much as Dem/socialists. Idiot McCain comes immediately to mind.

      • MJP7200 says:

        You are right. Though I am a Republican yet, even in state leadership (a state committeeman), I get frustrated with much of what my party does. Many are simply becoming reactionary, which is one reason we arrived at Trump. Some pushback is fine, but they are getting insane, like McCain.

        BTW, another post at, this one a quick reaction and prediction based on the school shooting today in Texas.

        Always tragic, but this will only cause people to look down the wrong road for solutions…

      • BrianR says:

        I’ll check it out in a bit. Thanks for the heads up.

      • MJP7200 says:

        No worries. I appreciate you checking it out, and I wncourage your other readers to come, too. 🙂

        Have a great day!

  3. captbogus2 says:

    I’m not sure if the federals have enhancement rules but someone ILLEGAL has already broken at least one law. To perpetrate a crime on a citizen should be enhanced to the utmost felony. MS 13 should be charged with capital crimes on damn nearly every crime they have committed. Sanctuary cities, my ass.

    • BrianR says:

      Well… LOL.

      Though I like the idea of enhancement, I don’t think we can elevate shoplifting, for example, to capital crime status. Though the idea does have merit! I’m sure that would make “immigrating” here illegally a lot less attractive!

      Seriously, though, the big obstacle to that is that a lot of crimes aren’t federal in nature. They’re state-level crimes, so the feds can’t get involved.

      • MJP7200 says:

        States could try sone sort of aggravated offense and test its efficacy and legality. You know someone would challenge…

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