SODDI: Some Other Dude Did It

I hold a valid Private Investigator license out here in the great state of Commiefornia. I qualified for it as a result of my experience as an Army Military Intelligence agent. But in my varied work career there was a time period of a couple of years when I worked as an in-house Case Manager for a criminal defense law firm here in Lost Angels. That meant I did the original screening and preliminary investigations on cases involving our new or prospective clients, a varied assortment of scumbags.

th[7] (3)As an aside: yeah, yeah… I know… I was working on the Dark Side. It’s true. But it did give me some great stories with which to regale friends and family. You’d actually be surprised at how creative some of these idiots could be in formulating their laughable “defense”. You wouldn’t think they had it in them.

But the most-used defense they most often came up with is what we laughingly called the SODDI Defense. Some Other Dude Did It. No matter what evidence the cops had, it was always our new client who somehow had failed to perceive that he was being framed by Some Other Dude, or he was the hapless victim of actions taken by Some Other Dude.

Dope in your pants pocket? Not MY pants! I borrowed them from Some Other Dude.

Gun in your car? I don’t know how that got there! Some Other Dude was sitting in the car and must have left it!

Girlfriend dead in your bed? I didn’t hear a thing! Some Other Dude must have snuck in and did her!

I have to tell you, from what I’ve seen Some Other Dude is one busy guy. All we have to do is catch him and we’ll have solved any crime problem we have in this country.

Which brings us to the ObaMessiah and his minions. Has anyone other than me noticed a pattern here?

Operation Fast And Furious, the gunrunning scheme to ship “assault weapons” to the Mexican drug cartels, resulting in several hundred deaths of Mexican citizens and one US Border Patrol Agent. Per the Administration, it was all due to decisions made by low-ranking local personnel. “We didn’t know a thing about it!” SODDI!

BenghaziGate: Ditto! SODDI!

The latest revelation of governmental misprision, that the IRS targeted conservative organizations for audits and other forms of harassment. Per the Administration, it was all due to decisions made by low-ranking local personnel. “We didn’t know a thing about it!” SODDI! Again. Yeah, right…

Apparently in this administration made up of the “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”, no one commands anything. Certainly noth[9] one ever takes responsibility. It always seems to be “low-level” employees running around making all kinds of policy decisions to the complete surprise of the bosses once they bungle the job and get caught.

We see it here in BenghaziGate. Same deal with Fast & Furious. Same deal with the IRS targeting conservative PACs for tax audits.

Now we have the latest scandal du jour, the Justice Department illegally obtaining the phone records of Associated Press bureaus and reporters. Obama’s response? “I know nothing!” SODDI, no doubt.

Are we seriously supposed to believe that no one takes charge? NONE of these political hacks have any responsibility? They let junior people run around making policy decisions for the COUNTRY?

How come they could all manage to be “on the ground” in their war room, posing for the pictures all tense and tough and alert while watching Seal Team Six waste bin Laden, but no one was available while our ambassador was being slaughtered over several HOURS?

How come they couldn’t control their own shipments of guns to Mexico that were supposed to result in the decimation of the drug cartels, but we’re supposed to believe that further gun control laws will do anything at all to reduce domestic crime?

Why are “low-level IRS agents at a local facility” allowed to make policy and screening decisions about which applications and returns to audit without ANY supervision at all, according to the Administration’s SODDI defense? Why is the Justice Department running around illegally grabbing phone records without any supervision by anybody, with no accountability or responsibility?

Whatever happened to “The Buck Stops Here”? When did it turn into “Buck? What Buck? Some Other Dude stole the Buck!”?

Or are they full of baloney and trying to duck taking their medicine?

There’s only one answer that makes any sense at all… You be the judge.

© Brian Baker 2013

41 comments on “SODDI: Some Other Dude Did It

  1. Melissa says:

    You realize that what you received from your congressman was a form letter don’t you? This is why I don’t bother writing to my representatives anymore unless it’s a mass letter campaign like trying to flood his mailbox with opposition to amnesty.

    All Congressmen and Senators have form letters for every topic. If you write to them regarding any issue, they just respond back with the appropriate form letter that will be full of their talking points for that issue. They never read what you actually wrote. That is done by some assistant.

    • BrianR says:

      Sure, Melissa. But I do have a modest forum here, and sometimes I may influence others to write, too.

  2. Terry says:

    Great post, Brian. It seems the zero regime has 2 typical responses to situations.

    1. When things go BAD (i.e. Benghazi, F&F) :

    2. When things go GOOD (i.e. Bin Laden):

  3. Hardnox says:

    Brian, Good post. You are spot on with your assessments. If ANY of these disasters had turned out positive you can bet that we’d be hearing about it 24/7. The silence is proof that the administration has their fingerprints all over it.

    Had our people been saved in Benghazi, or at least an attempt made, these assholes would be high-fiving each other. Instead they committed these four to death so as not to ruin the narrative that Al Qaeda was dead in the lead-up to the election plus the cover-up of gun running to the Syrian rebels. The scapegoat for your SODDI theory was the filmmaker which of course is bullshit.

    Nothing with these clowns passes the smell test but sadly the LIVs buy it. Congress is finally showing some backbone but I doubt much will come of it.

    • BrianR says:

      Nox, I can’t help but be as skeptical as you are. But I think the thing that has the most potential for driving a stake through this vampire of a presidency is public opinion. And all of this scandal piling upon scandal, coupled with the HUGE strategic error of screwing over their most reliable ally — the lapdog press — could really be the start of Obozo’s undoing.

      When public opinion turns, bad things can happen for politicians. Look at Nixon. He won by landslides, but the Watergate revelations brought him down when his popularity plunged. Look at Carter; he beat Ford handily. But the messes with the economy and Iran made him a laughingstock. Out here in Commiefornia, that disdain spelled the end of Gray Davis as Governor.

      When the press turns on a fellow lefty… well, they eat their young.

      We’ll see how this plays out, but The Anointed One has definitely screwed up big time.

      • garnet92 says:

        I basically agree with you re: the press and public opinion. While the press hasn’t yet completely come around, there are signs (even before the AP debacle) that more questions are being asked than ever before and his answers aren’t always accepted as gospel. I think (maybe it’s purely hope) that I’m seeing a chink in his armor. His public approval rating is still sliding downward and if there are continually emerging problems like the ones today between now and next November, there could be a capture of the Senate – it is possible. I don’t think that impeachment is going to happen, but I can envision him leaving office tainted by disgrace. One can only hope. The one thing that he can’t allow to happen is for the press to turn on him – if that happened, he is toast.

      • BrianR says:

        Yep, and that’s where this latest AP scandal, piled on everything else lately, has some real potential.

        People are waking up to the fact that not only is the Emperor naked, but he’s a pot-bellied old fool, too.

  4. thedrpete says:

    To the list you might as well add Extortion 17, the set-up shoot-down of our Seals, et al, in Afghanistan.

    • BrianR says:

      Hold on a sec! Why would you level such dire accusations against a Nobel Peace Prize holder?


  5. Grey Neely says:

    Yesterday I was in Greenville, MS, inspecting a project. At lunch, I visited my mother (89 years young a week ago). I brought in BBQ and found her watching Fox News. During lunch, she asked me what are the people of the US going to do, with the Obama administration involved with 3 major scandals (Benghazi, the IRS targeting Conservative groups, and the DOJ secretly looking at the AP’s telephone records). She mentioned that the WW2 generation (of which she is sadly one of the last members) would have marched on DC and kicked all the bums out including the SODDI.

    I really did not know how to answer her except to say that if we did so it would start a bloody civil war. But that is not a good enough answer. We are finding out that the 2012 election was stolen with some areas showing over 100% of their registered voters voting, and all votes going to Obama. With the actions of the Obama administration proving they are capable of anything, what do we do?

    It is entirely possible that the 2014 elections will be a more massive repeat of 2012. I do not believe that the Democrats will take over the US House; but it is entirely possible they will retain control of the US Senate. Control of the US Senate will allow the Obama administration to keep their bid to gain total control of the country on track.

    So again the question remains, what do we do?

    • BrianR says:

      Well, Gray, what’s your answer to your own question? What do we do?

      I’m not as worried about the Dems keeping the Senate. As long as they don’t have the House, Bat Ears is effectively nullified…. IF, and that’s a big “if”, the GOP actually starts acting like they have a set of stones. That’s been my ongoing political criticism for years now; that the gutless wonders in the GOP don’t have the spine to actually DO anything other than to keep rolling over for the Dems like two-dollar whores.

      • Grey Neely says:

        Truly Brian, if I knew what to do I would say so. Perhaps I am just tired and depressed. But my mother’s mention of the WW2 generation struck a cord. These men were my heros as a boy growing up. I have a feeling they would have descended in mass on DC and cleaned house.

        And the career politicians in the GOP will never grow cojones because they are not statesmen, they are in it for the money and power, They will say anything or do anything to keep getting elected.

        I fear the answer to my question is the same answer given in April of 1775.

      • BrianR says:

        Well, obviously I understand, and in many ways agree. But I’m not yet at the stage where I think revolution is the answer.

        I think the Tea Party movement is a very positive sign; I think it’s time to replace the Establishment GOP, either internally or by bringing to the fore a complete replacement, just as the GOP itself replaced the WHIGs.

        It took decades to reach this sorry state, and it’s going to take years to get back out. But that’s better than a destructive revolution which would be hugely damaging both economically and politically, not to mention dangerous to the world power structure.

        Does that mean I think a revolution is completely unnecessary? No, it doesn’t, if things don’t change. I can definitely see where we could reach the stage where it’s either revolution or complete destruction of the country. But I don’t think we’re there… yet.

        But that’s just one man’s opinion.

  6. clyde says:

    First in? Stunned, I say. SODDI. Gotta say, I like it. Fits the BECS to a T. Along with the rest of the cadre. And, just as predictable, the jury is sympathetic to the perp. Jury being the limpdick media. While it IS disturbing that this administration is so paranoid they would stoop to spying on the media, who have carried enough water for this asshole to turn the Sonoran Desert into a big farm, I still enjoy the fact the damnable AP got it in the shorts. Will it turn on a lightbulb in their heads they may have been WRONG about Obama ? Doubtful. In answer to the question: No doubt these asshats are ducking the medicine. After all, THEY are the DISEASE. Good post, pard.

    • BrianR says:

      Clyde, sorry to say you weren’t actually first. I posted late last night and haven’t gotten around to moderating until just now.

      But thanks for that terrific comment. You raised really good points, too. We’ll see what the media do, if anything. But Obozo & Company may have licked over a hornets’ nest with that one. A bridge too far.

  7. Buck says:

    Slick. If a high placed lump de lump comes in and tells you to do so and so you do so and so.
    When the shit hits the fan you say you were told to do so and so and high placed lump de lump denies ever talking to you.
    Or if lump de lump is compassionate he says you mistook his instructions…

  8. Gunny G says:

    As I stated many times in the past, HST said: “The Buck stops here,” and even had a plaque on his desk with that on it.

    Obama has one too, with interchangeable names, that reads, “This is all __________’s fault.”

    Obama has the maturity level of a toddler.

  9. Buck says:

    Your poster about The Gang That Could’t Shoot Straight.
    I think the book was written by the same guy that wrote “Paper Lion”. Name slips me now..
    The book was hilarious. Read it 40+ years ago..

    • BrianR says:

      Yeah, it was a really funny book. I just looked it up, and it was written by Jimmy Breslin. Paper Lion was written by George Plimpton, though. Had to look that one up, too. Too long ago to remember.

  10. CW says:

    I’m sorry Brian but you simply aren’t paying attention. Obama said VERY CLEARLY that he takes full responsibility for stuff. His spokesman said it too (“The president was very clear that he accepts full responsibility”). Hillary takes responsibility too

    Responsibility must not mean what you think it means.

    • BrianR says:

      CW, I stand corrected and properly chastised.

      You’re right. I was stuck on the old and obviously obsolete definition of the word wherein “taking responsibility” meant you actually accepted some consequences for your actions. In this Brave New World it’s clearly just meaningless gibberish.

  11. Buck says:

    Yeah, Brian, you mistook oldspeak for newspeak.

  12. Nee says:

    Well, I’ve said it three times, now. If there are no impeachment or charges of treason, I will take myself to DC and begin the movie: Nee Goes To Washington. I am not going to stand down. Yesterday, after the last two weeks, Jay Carney went on Piers Morgan and said that these three “scandals” don’t exist. Why, Benghazi was contrived by Republicans!! He also claimed that Obama has done a superior job with transparency. Are. you. effing. kidding. me?? What drugs are these people smoking? And the IRS woman who was targeting groups now heads IRS Obamacare? This is FUBAR and I hate to say that a revolution is forthcoming, but I don’t see how it can be avoided if things like this are taken lightly!

    • BrianR says:

      Yeah, I have to say that if Carney was Pinocchio he’d need an 18-wheeler to haul his nose around. I wonder if he ever gives any thought to his post-Obozo career, and what he’s going to do for a living, because he certainly has zero credibility left with anyone. He’ll have to hope for a job as a Dem party hack, because I doubt anyone else would ever hire him. Maybe a Mafia PR firm.

      • clyde says:

        Nah,Brian, the Mafia had something these assholes lack. namely, HONOR. Carney may have to go plant tulips at the truckstop.

      • BrianR says:

        Honor… Now, there’s a concept you rarely hear discussed in politics.

  13. AfterShock says:

    Remembering the “cold-war” for just a moment, our enemies would have been salivating 24/7 over an America as weakened and unwilling to respond to any threat as it is now. First-strike would be a very very tempting course for them since they’d have every reason to expect our dear-leader to blame it on some obscure American made video defaming Putin while issuing an apology from AF1 then re-targeting our nukes to annihilate the video-maker’s zip code.

  14. AfterShock says:

    Oh yeah I almost forgot 🙂 I have another couple paragraphs at my blog. For your bemusement…

  15. jevica says:


    Just back from our trip to Vegas, great time.

    Also trip with daughter her husband band our granddaughter to Disney world from end of April to early May. Great time also.

    Great posts, as usual, I remember my post from when BHO was elected [first term] that Bush [43] will get the blame as long as the Democrats can get away with it. The blame Bush sure has lasted a looooong time.

    It’s amazing that nothing is BHO’s fault, just those around him. With the Dems it’s always SODDI.

    Remember this ““If you like it, you can keep it”: ObamaCare . . . ” It should be, “. . . what Obama really meant to say was, “If we like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

    • BrianR says:

      Hi, Jev. Welcome back. Glad to hear that Lost Wages was fun for you. Did you get a chance to go to that range and shoot full-auto? Sounds like you’ve been having a lot of family fun. That’s what life’s all about. Good for you!

      Yeah, the “blame Bush” meme. That seems to be fading; it’s pretty hard to blame Bush for the current debacles, I guess, though I have absolutely NO doubt they’d try it if they thought they could make it fly.

      “what Obama really meant to say was, ‘If we like your health care plan, you can keep it’.” …. LOL! Priceless!

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