Obama: “Bin Laden is dead”… Me: “So What?”

In light of everything that’s been going on in the Middle East and North Africa over the last week, I have to comment.

First of all, as those who know me or have read my scribbling over the years are aware, I’ve long maintained that the idea of a Western-style democracy successfully taking hold in the Muslim/Arab world is a pipe dream. There are no cultural underpinnings to support such an enterprise, and in fact their cultural and religious foundations are antithetical to the concept.

Over the years I’ve written several essays on the subject, and you can read them here, here,  here, and here.

Our country suffers from two deadly weaknesses in our approach to the problems in the region. The first is that, with the exception of Reagan, no one inside the Beltway in post-Vietnam history has had Clue One about how the Arab/Muslim mind works. They think, in spite of all the historical evidence to the contrary, that the prevailing mindset is no different from our own. I think you actually have to have lived in the region to realize how wrong that idea really is. I spent my high school years in Iran, and I can’t imagine a more foolish concept.

The second weakness is our dependence on oil from the region. Unquestionably, that limits our options, and forces us into “alliances” that are contrary to our own national self-interests. A perfect example is our relationship with Saudi Arabia. Though that country is perhaps less anti-Western than others, they’re certainly not our friends in the way that a country like the UK is, for example. We’re simply a market for their product: oil. They’re still the source for international Wahabiism, and terrorists such as bin Laden draw much of their financial support from sources within that country. Don’t fool yourselves; they’re not our allies in the real sense of the word.

Which brings us to Obama. Obama is the “perfect storm” of ignorance of the region coupled with stupidly utopian idealism coupled with a refusal to take any realistic actions to lessen our dependence on oil from the region. A disastrous trifecta of insane policy.

As I’ve said before (here, here and here) we’re sitting on an ocean of oil we’re just letting sit in the ground purely for political reasons. We have more known and recoverable oil than any other nation on the planet; three times as much as Saudi Arabia. The solution to our “energy dependence” problem is very simple: Drill, baby, drill!

But we can’t do that because the amateur in the Oval Office won’t allow it. The pump price of gasoline has doubled since Obama took office, but he’s stuck on stupid when it comes to oil, and would rather hitch his wagon to fantasies about “alternative energies” that don’t even exist at this point in time, rather than actually address the problem with the obvious and easy solutions that already do exist.

All we have to do is drill our own oil to free us from having to worry about the actions being taken by Muslim extremists who seem to spend their whole lives being “offended” by everything under the sun. We could simply flip them off and have done with it.

And just exactly what are the policies being implemented by Obama in the Muslim/Arab world? They’re a repeat of the exact same policies that worked so well under “Peanut Jimmy” Carter! Remember those good old days?

Carter proved how “tough” he was by engineering the downfall of the Shah of Iran, and his replacement by Ayatollah Khomeini, and look how well that turned out. Obama proved how tough he was by “killing bin Laden” and facilitating the “Arab Spring”, and look how well that’s turning out. Obama is Carter Redux. Worse, actually, because he’s refused to learn the lessons of history, and is repeating the same stupid actions that have already proven to be disastrous in the past.

If we insist on remaining engaged with the Arab/Muslim world, we have to do so from a position of unyielding strength and pragmatism that isn’t filtered through rose-colored lenses that project a vision of Western values that doesn’t exist in the region. We have to use our aid dollars as both a carrot and a stick. We have to find some pro-Western strongmen, and back them. Maybe over time a foundation can be laid that will allow Western-style democracies to develop there, but the key words are “over time”. A long time, probably generations at least.

At this time, we’re viewed in the Muslim/Arab world as being paper tigers; easy and impotent targets that never respond to provocation. In that world, that’s fatal. Until we learn that lesson and act accordingly, attacks against our interests and outposts will continue. It’s just that simple.

These are all lessons that are clear to see. Obama has proven to be an epic failure in this arena. His response has been to thrash around impotently, throwing blame hither and yon, then promptly getting back to the only activity he’s reliably pursued throughout his presidency (other than playing golf), campaigning for re-election. The current debacle in the region doesn’t seem to interest him as anything more important than just a minor campaign delay.

Good. Grief.

© Brian Baker 2012

47 comments on “Obama: “Bin Laden is dead”… Me: “So What?”

  1. gunnyginalaska says:

    Brian, exactly right. We’ve got enough coal in Alaska alone to supply the US, at current usage, for the next FIVE HUNDRED YEARS but we can’t mine because of the enviro-nazis!

    If Alaska was allowed to produce, the state itself would be the 8th largest producer of oil/NG in the world.

    Obama is merely showing that Democrats are incompetent and stupid, as they’ve always been, but with the internet, it is MORE visual than when the dinosaur media was screening everything.

    • BrianR says:

      Yep, Gunny, there it is. They can’t hide from it anymore, and that’s very problematic for them. We own talk radio, and dominate the internet. It REALLY sucks to be a leftist nowadays…

  2. Nee says:

    First…saw 2016. Obama’s anti-colonialism is illustrated very well, here. He has given our money away to benefit other countries and the oil that they can get for themselves. Anything so America doesn’t get ahead after the stealing of resources we’ve done!! Second, Obama has obliterated the Nukes of the US now equal Russia and he wants to move it to 1/5 of that. And of course, his poorly laid plans and lack of action in the ME will make them converge we will end up being a mere blip as opposed to a super power.
    Here is a new article by Steve Maley at Red State about oil. Great read and such and inconvenient truth for Obama if someone would jsut scream it from the rooftops!!

    • BrianR says:

      Nee, everyone I know who’s seen the movie has raved about it. Now… I don’t really know any lefties, so that may have an effect on what I hear…


      Interesting linked article; very good info. Of course, that goes hand-in-hand with the essays I linked in this essay, too. We have almost 2 TRILLION barrels of oil available for development in this country, with more being discovered all the time. And there it sits, in the ground, while gas prices spiral out of control, taking the costs of everything else right along with them.

      Thanks you, socialist a-holes and Barry Obozo.

  3. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    Aid dollars? I’m all for stopping that hemorrage right now. Why “set up” a strong man dictator and then pay him not to be our enemy?
    Places like Egypt, Libya and all the rest of the ME beyond the oil have absolutely nothing of value to the USA.
    So lets, “Drill, baby, drill!” as Brian says, remove our embassies, revoke any and all ME visas and any hostile act by anyone from any of those countries would be considered an act of war by that country.
    Go in and level it and if they don’t want to love us then at least the others will definitely respect us and fear us.
    Give oil companies the permits to drill on government land with the codicil all oil extracted from public lands is to be sold, refined and used in the USA.

  4. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    “We own talk radio, and dominate the internet..”
    Yeah, BB, but sometimes I get the feeling we are all preaching to the choir.
    Rush included.

    • BrianR says:

      I don’t think so, Buck. Take a look at the economics of the media. The MSM are all losing viewers/readers. The leftist rags are all going bankrupt, while the conservative ones are doing fine. Fox has the majority of TV news viewership. ABCNBCCBSMSNBC are all losing viewers big-time. It drives the lefties nuts!

      So… what does that mean? “WE” are driving the success in the media, meaning that “WE” are actually the majority, and “WE” are tired of being fed a bunch of leftist lies by the MSM. “WE” are the choir.

  5. Another good one. Had to post it on the Book of the Face.

  6. CW says:

    Very interesting post, Brian.

    I do think it’s hard for Americans to comprehend that democracy won’t really work in certain cultures, but I think you’re right. Freedom, as we know it, depends not just on democracy but on the establishment of a constitutional framework that protects basic rights and allows democracy to succeed. The Islamic culture and the religion of Islam don’t lend themselves to that kind of framework.

    I also agree with your comments about our dependence on foreign oil and the Obama “perfect storm” of ignorance (aka liberalism). To Obama, everything on the planet takes second place (at best) to the number one objective of securing personal power, the number two objective being the transfer of wealth.

    Good post!

  7. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) says:

    Solar, wind, and biomass energies are even worse than “alternative energies”. I am an electrical engineer who “grew up” in the electric utility industry. I have been involved with several solar, wind, and biomass projects in the last 6 years (and I have a patent involving wind energy). And I can assure everyone that the “green” energy movement is a fraud and is “sucking” our financial resources away from where these resources should be used (i.e., the updating of the aging US electric power supply grid).

    As to your analysis of the arab/muslim “mindset”, I bow to your experience Brian (although anyone with half a grain of sense would acknowledge the truth of what you wrote after watching the occurences of the past 6 months in the Middle East).

    So where does that leave us?

    First in November of 2012 we must get rid of Obama and every Democrat and Rino that we possibly can. That in and of itself should solve many of the problems we are now facing in the Middle East.

    Second, we must drill, drill, drill. We must end now and forever our dependence on foreign sources of oil.

    Third, we must start the construction of every oil refinery that we possibly can.

    Fourth, we must start the renovation of the aging US electric transmission grid and the renovation of the aging US electric electric power plants. (Some of these power plants are appoaching 100 years old.)

    As for Democracy in the muslim world, I doubt that this is reachable in less than 100 years. And as long as we keep these barbarians in their own countries to “eat” themselves, I really could care less. However, it would seem that another “object lesson” is needed after 4 years of the perceived weakness of the Obama administration. Perhaps if either Iran or Saudi Arabia were turned into a “glassed over” parking lot, the rest of the muslim world would get the message?

  8. thedrpete says:

    I think, BrianR, that there are three important aspects of President Obama to understand and factor. First, he’s an egoist, believes he’s better than he is, indeed, that he’s great. Second, President Obama is highly-highly-competitive, enough so that it severely distracts him from tasks. Third, though not unintelligent, he’s turtle-atop-the-fencepost, the front man, for a radical Alinskyite-Cloward-&-Piven-anti-colonialist-anti-capitalist oligarchy with George Soros as kingpin.

    Others have supported the egoism for decades now, getting him admitted to elite colleges, even getting him selected editor-in-chief of the Harvard Law Review, that despite his never having written a single published piece in that or any such publication. Others got him elected to the Illinois state legislature and the U.S. Senate by destroying any and all opposition.

    Obama competes at golf, at bowling downstairs at the White House, at card games in which he insists that staffers play, at cooking where he touts his great chili and challenges others to serve a better one. After but five days in the White House, he proclaimed that he liked being POTUS and was damned good at it as well. He has missed intel briefings because he’s practicing his bowling.

    This is a dangerously-flawed man that’s POTUS. I think that, even knowing that others have been unable to become friends with the Islamist world, Obama thinks that he can (egoism and competitiveness). He is wrong, but that serves the goals of the oligarchy, they in a perfect storm wherein the interests of the oligarchy and those of the Islamists intersect in the short-term. Both want to annihilate Israel and implode capitalism and America.

    I agree with all that you say here, BrianR, except for having foreign welfare. I believe in no U.S. Government welfare, whether foreign or domestic, whether corporate or individual.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, DrP.

      I don’t believe in “foreign welfare”, either… other than as a tool of foreign policy. It’s certainly more effective in many cases than diplomacy, and less costly than outright warfare.

      I can’t think of a thing in the Constitution that bars it, and in fact our own Revolution was funded by foreigners; the French, specifically.

  9. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    “I think that, even knowing that others have been unable to become friends with the Islamist world, Obama thinks that he can (egoism and competitiveness).”
    But if he is a muslim then everything he has said and done makes sense.

  10. Jim says:

    What you have here is the ultimate progressive. He TRULY believes in one world government and believes in caste system with a ruling class held by the intellectuals to rule “the little people”. My biggest issue with that out of the gate is; does he REALLY think that he is an intellectual? He’ll the poster child for affirmative action and partiality favoritism! He’s never done anything in his life in an exceptional manor and in fact at best has performed mediocre.

    PS; I finally got a chance to post something new on my Blogspot

  11. Nee says:

    What is your take that people are labeling Romney as clueless, and more dangerous than Obama? The excuses given were because he lies, cheats, steals and was, of course, born into wealth. Mitt is not necessarily my choice, but the ignorance I come up against in regard to anything related to Romney is as astounding as putting the pigment challenged Obama voters! How these people get that Romney is worse than Obama and we need an “honorable man” in office just slays me. It’s unbelievable to me the state of our Country.

    • BrianR says:

      Nee, it’s to be expected from those “usual suspects”. They can read the writing on the wall as well as we can, and they know the Douchebag-in-Chief’s in big trouble. So they’re flailing around, throwing mud at the wall in the hope that some of it will stick.

      Romney needs to take the Reagan approach: “Well, there he goes again… (chuckle)”.

      The idea of Bat Ears being “honorable” is a new one, though. Pretty hilarious, too!

  12. Chad Villas says:

    Please… tell me- how to use theese?

  13. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    A lady caller on Rush …Monday, I think…said she was wondering why the MSM thinks that film that has been seen by very few was the reason for the muslim uprisings. She said she thought it might have been Obama “spikeing the ball” over killing bin Lauden since the “demonstrators” were shouting, “We’re all Osamas, Obama.”
    Rush was dumbfounded because he hadn’t thought of that himself.

    • BrianR says:

      Yeah, could be. It could also be their way of “commemorating” 9/11. Don’t forget: that was a VERY big deal in the Arab/Muslim world, hitting the Great Satan so hard.

      It could be anything. Who the hell knows? Those people are crazy.

  14. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    I remember the 5:00 PM news clip of the Palestinians dancing in the streets.
    Particularly one woman who was wearing a set of horn rim glasses. Probably made in the USA and given to her through one of our foreign aid programs.

  15. rightdetour says:

    Your point on “no cultural underpinnings” is spot on. Many conservatives and liberals who advocate the spread of democracy in the MIddle East forget about that. We have a “political philosophy” or cultural foundation of equality, natural rights, and government by consent as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Our Constitution establishes a government based on that philosophy. The “political philosophy” in the Muslim world is “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.” We can go about establishing procedural democracies in Muslim countries, but with their Islamic cultural underpinnings it is unlikely they will either respect rights or be friendly to the United States. Remember when Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian Parliamentary elections? Afghanistan and Iraq will probably collapse after we leave.

    • BrianR says:

      Exactly right. Hamas was “legally” elected, but does that mean they have a “Western=style” democracy?

      The further problem with the idea of “democracy” in the region has to do, as you pointed out, with their religion. It’s a religion that asserts absolute control over every aspect of an individual’s life. Not sure if you want to have another kid? Ask the Imam. Which laundry detergent should you use? Ask the Imam. Thinking of getting another goat? Ask the Imam. How the hell can any society with that mindset establish a real democracy? The Imams rule the roost.

      You want to see a terrific movie dealing with the issue, rent “The Stoning of Soraya M”. THAT’S what it’s like in the region, right up to today. Who else countenances “honor killings” of their own daughters, female circumcision, death sentences for “infidelity”, etc. They’re still living in the 15th Century.

      Terrific comment. Thanks.

  16. rightdetour says:

    But stop worrying about oil. Remember, the energy independence afforded by solar and wind power is right around the corner. That’s what the Democrats told us just last year . . . er, I mean, in the 1990s . . . . er 1980s . . er 1970s . . .er 1960s . . .

    • BrianR says:


      My bad… I forgot… Thanks for correcting me. I stand with my head hanging in shame.

      BTW, I went by your blog. Really good stuff! I’m going to read more and post some comments. Your “handle” is very familiar to me. Did you used to blog somewhere else? Townhall?

  17. rightdetour says:

    Thank you for the complement.
    Yes, I am a refugee from Townhall. I went first as Keep Right, then Right Detour. I followed you there, as well as Apollo and some others (although he was a little to conspiratorial for me.) I cannot remember if I ever commented on any of your posts. TH deactivated my access to my blog over there and refused to answer repeated inquiries as to why. I’ve visited TH a couple of times. On one occasion my MS Antivirus took out a trojan from the site. Haven’t been back since.

    • BrianR says:

      I thought I remembered you! Yeah, I read your blog over there, too, and liked it. Glad I know where you are now. I’ve added your site to my Blogroll.

  18. Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any recommendations for newbie blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

  19. Cynewulf says:

    Wow, go away for a bit and the trolls take over. Has Townhall really deteriorated that badly? I have to say that I find myself over at Hot Air these days more often than not; unfortunately, I can’t comment there… There just doesn’t seem to be a perfect site like TH once was. If I had the money and know-how, I’d start my own site up. Anyway, what I came here to say is: Good essay as usual, Brian. It’s good to see that some things don’t change.

    • BrianR says:

      Cyne! Long LONG time, no see! How you doing, my friend?

      Yep, TH has definitely gone down the tubes. I guess you clicked into my blog there and got directed here from my link. Glad you did.

      It really once was the “perfect” site. That’s a really great evaluation, and stroll down Memory Lane. BTW, you still owe me a “guys” story…But what you wrote is akin to the play “Camelot”, in many ways. A feeling of reminiscence and melancholy…

      Ah, well… Those were the days.

  20. Nee says:

    Brian….saw our friend Fletch commenting on today’s Walter Williams column…Wonder if he’s back at blogging? I know he was writing a book…

  21. similar site says:

    Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

  22. Margorie says:

    Hello, i really enjoy visiting your blog. I like the way its layd out, and totally dig the design. Is there any way to subscribe to your site?

  23. Nee says:

    We few, we happy few! We band of brothers!
    It’s St. Crispin’s Day…

  24. thedrpete says:

    My time, BrianR, in Turkey, in Jordan and in the Palestinian territories supports your view re: our “nation building”. I think if those folks in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Iran and Saudi Arabia, in Egypt and Yemen and Libya, etc. want to emerge from the 7th century we should stand back and watch.

    • BrianR says:

      Absolutely, DrP; I couldn’t agree more.

      We can’t “impose” on them a form of government that’s foreign to their culture. Further, if we simply attain our own real energy independance — drill, baby, drill! — it really won’t matter much to us anyway.

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