When Seconds Count, The Cops Are Only Minutes Away

Unless you’ve been living in a cave you know that a bit over a week ago a lunatic waltzed into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and opened fire on the crowd that was attending the premiere of the latest Batman movie, killing a dozen and wounding scores more. And as predictably as the sun rising in the east, the lunatic fringe of gun-haters – always circling like buzzards while waiting for bodies to pounce on – immediately exploited the tragedy to try to advance their gun-ban agenda.

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, always the calm voice of reason (that’s sarcasm, in case you missed it), called for cops to walk off the job until “lawmakers get guns off the streets” (Link). Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) also swooped down to dig into some of the carrion (Link). The New York Times, LA Times and Washington Post have been running foaming-at-the-mouth editorials almost daily screaming for more gun control.

But let’s take a look at the reality of the situation. I’m not going to debate the Second Amendment; that ship has sailed. In the Heller and McDonald decisions, the Supreme Court held that the amendment means exactly what it says in its simplest interpretation, and that people have the right to own guns. Period.

First of all, if the mere presence of guns is what causes violent crime, then the streets of Switzerland should be ankle-deep in blood. Private gun ownership there is mandatory. Every citizen of military age is required by law to own – and keep in their homes – military firearms including full-auto submachine guns, along with appropriate ammunition, and to maintain proficiency in their use. Even once they’re past military age, they’re given the option to retain those guns. A similar situation exists in Israel. Yet both nations have very low crime rates in spite of the fact that almost everyone’s armed, Switzerland’s being among the lowest in the world.

Blaming guns for gun violence is like blaming forks for overeating. They’re both simply inanimate objects.

As a matter of fact, peer-reviewed studies have shown that there’s a positive correlation between gun ownership and lower crime rates, most notably those by Professor John Lott and Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck. Privately-owned guns are successfully used somewhere between 750,000 – 1.2 million times annually by potential victims to prevent victimization. Since Florida started the parade of states that have loosened restrictions on concealed carry licenses back in 1987, 36 other states have done the same and the experience has been a reduction in the rates of violent crimes in every one of those states. Contrary to the anti-gun-hysterics’ assertions, an armed society is a polite society.

The reality of life is that when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away. You are your own “first responder”. There were cops right outside that Aurora theater doing crowd control duties; the Virgina Tech cops waited 45 minutes before going in. If you’re counting on the cops to protect you, you’re probably out of luck.

Nor is that their duty. According to the Supreme Court, they owe no duty to individuals. Their duty is to society as a whole.

If more people were legally able to arm themselves and carry their weapons, there’d be fewer of us taking knives to a gun fight. And as the statistics have shown, more guns equal less crime.

There’s also the reality of the political scene to consider. Gun control has almost always been a huge political loser for its backers. Fearless duck hunter & gun rights advocateClinton owes his 1994 loss of congressional majorities at least in part to the “assault weapon” ban passed and enacted earlier that year by the Democrats. Gore and Kerry both credited the gun issue as being a significant factor in their losses. Who can forget the image of Kerry in brand-spanking-new cammies and carrying a borrowed shotgun for a photo op in a futile effort to convince voters he wasn’t anti-gun? Look at the accompanying picture; those cammies aren’t even wrinkled! How did he do that, if he actually hunted in them? Was there a dry cleaner out there in the woods? Pathetic…

I think the majority of Democrats wish the gun issue would just go away, and that they viewed the recent Supreme Court decisions as a blessing that got them off the hook for it. Greeceifornia Senator Dianne Feinstein – the rabid anti-gun attack-dog who said in 1995, “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an out-right ban, picking up every one of them… ‘Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in,’ I would have done it.” – has backed away from the issue, saying on “Fox News Sunday” that she doesn’t believe the middle of an election year is a good time to renew the issue. “It’s a bad time to embrace a new subject,” she said. Especially in an election year, I’ll bet, and if that “subject” is guns. The ObaMessiah himself wants nothing to do with it, coming out with a mealy-mouthed and tepid endorsement of gun rights in the wake of Aurora.

According to a Reuters article dated 24 July 2012 (Link), “Gallup polls over the past two decades show the percentage of Americans who favor making gun control laws ‘more strict’ fell from 78 percent in 1990 to 44 percent in 2010.”. Further, “A Reuters-Ipsos poll in April found two of every three respondents had a favorable view of the NRA…”

Anti-gunners can read polls as easily as I can, and I think most Democrats nowadays look at gun control in the same way Superman looks at kryptonite: deadly toxic.

Let’s keep it that way.

© Brian Baker 2012

75 comments on “When Seconds Count, The Cops Are Only Minutes Away

  1. CW says:

    Hey Brian

    Good post.

    It’s unfortunate that it’s become a cliché but the old adage is so true that if you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns.

    There is simply no argument that overcomes that fact.

    • BrianR says:

      Yep, CW. It really is just that simple.

      But I had a lot of space to fill, so I fleshed it out, just a tad!


      Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Gunny G says:

    Good essay. The Left ignores the facts because this issue is about controlling the masses, not protecting them or even allowing us to protect ourselves.

    • BrianR says:

      Thanks, pard.

      Yes, of course it is. It’s also about eliminating individualism in favor of collectivism, and gun ownership is the hallmark and guarantor of the individual over government collectivism and/or tyranny.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gun control has worked sooooo well in Chicago, DC, Australia……

  4. Hardnox says:

    Nicely done. The only way to keep it this way is to get rid of liberal politicians. Oddly the pols use gun control as a boiler-plate issue to appear “anti-crime”. Remember back in the 90’s when most every pol was grandstanding against crime when in reality statistics showed that we were actually safer than in 1960? Similarly, it was no different when every pol claimed to be an “environmentalist” and look at the AWG mess we have now but is slowly being debunked.

    Sadly, many people are sheep.

    • BrianR says:

      Yeah, they are. They fall for sound bites without engaging their brains. It’s just soooooooooooooooooo much easier.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Nee says:

    What Bloomberg did was to encourage anarchy all the while banning those dangerous Big Gulps! And then there was Bill O’reilly–Mr. Ignorant when it came to what is required by law and the purchase of guns and calling for gun-control. Oy. Switzerland is a great example of that polite society we wish we had. You are spot on. That kid Holmes knew his victims were going to be helpless because of the law or “policy” of the movie theater. imagine how many more could have been hurt in the Giffords shooting if it weren’t for the people?

    • BrianR says:

      There it is, Nee. Bloomberg’s completely disgusting. O’Reilly was not really a surprise as he’s not a conservative, and never has been. He’s a populist schmuck, and he’s always going on about “Big Oil” and “greedy CEOs”, among other asinine things.

      Yeah, those “gun free zones” may as well have a great big bullseye painted around them.

  6. clyde says:

    Good post. The poor corpses hadn’t been removed from the theatre before the moonbats started frothing “GUN CONTROL”. Got to love Feinstein’s hypocrasy here,since SHE has a CCW. These idjits want to ban something,how’s about nutjobs?? Works for me.

  7. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    The core of the anti-gun folks are about total control. The run of the mill anti-gun folks are usually people who have never been around a gun in their life. They know nothing beyond what they see in movies, therefore they are paralyzed with fear at the sight of a gun in real life. (I’ve repeated many times about the woman who wondered why the cop didn’t, “..just shoot the gun out of his hand..”)
    Their fear is irrational founded on propaganda and, sadly, limits the quality of the life they…endure.
    I would say their fear is pretty much a phobia.
    I feel sorry for these folks. But I’m not going to give up my source of home protection to placate their irrational fears.
    I’d suggest all those who so despise or fear guns ban together and live in their own little neighborhoods where there are no guns and they can feel really safe. They should move to areas of mutual gun hatred. Places like New York. Or Chicago. I’m sure they’d be much happier there.

    • BrianR says:

      Yep, Buck, I agree.

      What ticks me off is that because they fear guns due to their own ignorance — kind of understandable — they’re perfectly willing to sacrifice a constitutional RIGHT simply because they themselves don’t utilize or support it. That’s where the rfeal danger is, IMO. Most people don’t need a Fourth Amendment protection requiring a search warrant or Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate themselves, either. So what’s next? Start ignoring those things, too?

      Pretty soon we’ll be living in a police state.

  8. Aniele says:

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  9. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    Brian R: You’d be surprised at how the Fourth is under attack, too. By law enforcement types and Hollywood.

    • BrianR says:

      Actually, I’m not surprised. But they don’t have the support in those efforts by a significant portion of the peeps, unlike gun control which has 44% of the electorate supporting the idea.

      Fortunately, we’re winning that battle.

  10. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    Brian: They believe because they are inept at gun handling that everyone else is, too. That’s part of their fear. They believe anyone with gun in hand is just as likely to shoot himself as them. It’s insane. I don’t believe such an irrational fear of guns was prevalent prior to the advent of television and all the “westerns” and cop shows and Hollywood movies with a violent scene every 80 frames.

    • BrianR says:

      I agree. That and such pap as false “statistics” that a gun owner’s “more likely” to shoot himself than an armed intruder in a defense situation. Where do they come up with such nonsense? They must just make stuff up out of thin air.

  11. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    Here’s where they come up with it.
    THEY, being phobically afraid of guns, are fearful of shooting themselves ergo YOU, in their mind, are just as inept as are they.
    It’s human nature to think everyone is as adept (or ditzoid) in any endeavor as are they in that same endeavor and they never take into consideration the practice, training and familiarity with said endeavor.
    I can’t swim that river so I don’t believe you can swim that river and when you go down to the water’s edege I try everything to disuade you from such a foolish attempt. Some folks would physically restrain you or pass laws, “No Swimming Across River” And when you not only swim the river but explain you are merely an amateur swimmer I block out your message and go on believing nobody except olympians can swim that river…………

    • BrianR says:

      Of course. I think there’s also at least an element of elitism involved, too. Only rubes and rednecks use guns; the Deliverance-types who hunt Bambi. Farm boys who chaw tabaccy and are missing teeth.

      NOT us oh-so-smart and educated city dwellers who drink latte, eat quiche, and listen to the classics on NPR.

  12. 100% spot on.

    Americans really need to get over their irrational fear of guns.

    Concealed-carry, as well as open-carry, shouldn’t be an issue at all.

  13. I was surprised to hear the latest gun-grabbing attempt was put on hold:

    Arms treaty must wait after UN agreement fails:


  14. I talked to a local prog editor who said she was GLAD no one in the theatre had a gun because–in her mind–that would’ve been more dangerous than simply letting the crazed killer shoot people at his leisure w/o worry of return fire. Mind-boggling…

    I wish the MSM would make as big a deal out of responsible gun-owners preventing crime, like this one:

    Armed Citizen Stops Knife Attack in Salt Lake City Grocery Store
    WRITTEN BY DUNCAN MACKIE ON JULY 6, 2012…https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/ccm-departments/true-stories/armed-citizen-stops-knife-attack-in-salt-lake-city-grocery-store/

    • BrianR says:

      “Mind-boggling” is right! Gooooooooooooooood grief. That’s exactly the mindset that turns this country into a nation of sheep. How could a law-abiding citizen opening fire in defense POSSIBLY be “worse” that what actually happened?

      I like that linked article. Y’know, I had a funny thought. If the MSM did actually print articles like that every time they happened, just like they do when some nut misuses a gun, daily newspapers would be as thick as phone books.

  15. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    I think I heard it on…Hannity Radio… But he asked a woman who was definitely anti-gun what she would do if she woke up in the middle of the night and someone was breaking in. She said she’d grab her cell phone and crawl under the bed and call 911.
    Paraphrase Rush: I can’t make this shit up!

  16. Mrs. AL says:

    As always a fine read here, BrianR. My complioments. As for adding a comment, you can see my comment here: http://paladinssquare.blogspot.com/2012/07/shooting-in-colorado-what-if.html

    It’s a sad state of affairs when people are willing to give up their freedom for the illusion of protection. Makes me cry sometimes.

  17. thedrpete says:

    Justice Scalia is seemingly becoming less and less of an “originalist” every day.

    • BrianR says:

      Actually, I think those comments of his have been portrayed out of context. Thanks, MSM. He actually didn’t say anything that wasn’t in his majority opinion in Heller.

      • clyde says:

        Gee,the limpwrist media taking Scalia out of context? The HUMANITY. After re-reading “Heller”,I agree with you. Wishful thinking from the limpwrists.

      • BrianR says:

        LOL, Clyde!

        What you said…

  18. Simon says:

    The example of Switzerland is often cited by gun rights advocates so I decided to check the statistics for gun related deaths. They make interesting reading. According to the table in wikipedia.in 1994 there were 6.4 gun related deaths in Switzerland per 100,000 citizens, in Israel in 1993 the figure was three deaths per 100,000, in the United States in 2004-6 10.27 per 100,000 and in England in 2002 0.46 per 100,000. These figures refer to deaths from homicide suicide and accident. In Britain it does seem as though fewer guns means fewer gun deaths.

    • BrianR says:

      Hi, Simon.

      Thanks for those stats; they certainly bear the thesis out.

      In UK, though there are fewer deaths, take a look at their violent crime rates since the virtual banning of private gun ownership. Those rates have skyrocketed, with one of the biggest increases being in “hot burglaries”, in which an occupied dwelling is invaded by robbers. That’s virtually unheard of in this country; burglars tend to avoid occupied dwellings like the plague, fear of getting shot being cited as one of the main reasons.

      • jevica says:


        The fact about ” biggest increases being in “hot burglaries”” in the U.K. is right on. I saw this a few years back, the criminals know that the citizens will not have a gun to stop them, so why not break in.

        Even AL agrees with your post, must be a miracle.

        I also remember something from a SCOTUS case which mentioned something about the police not being responsible to protect the people. They can’t be everywhere.

      • BrianR says:

        Yep, Jev. The anti-gunners never want to talk about that rise in UK hot burglaries. It’s kinda inconvenient.

        The SCOTUS case had to do with a lawsuit filed against the police department by the family of a woman who was killed by a home invader — I think it was her ex — while she was on the phone with 911. The cops didn’t get there in time.

        Yes, they can’t be everywhere. As I wrote, when seconds count, they’re only minutes away.

  19. Eliane says:

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  20. captbogus@yahoo.com says:

    Went to the doctor’s office yesterday.
    First thing you see when you walk up to the door is a sign, made on a computer, that says,
    “No Guns Allowed”.
    You know… That HAS to be the stupedist sign I ever saw.

  21. Jim says:

    Even more telling is that while gun crime and crime in general has continued to fall in the US, it has increased all over the world in countries with strict bans. For example Brittain’s gun crime has been rising every year in spite of an all out ban. Let’s not forget Jessica Ghawi, who died in the Aurora shooting who narrowly escaped being shot by a gang banger in Toronto, CA. where there is a total gun ban. We also tend to forget that you’re six times more likely to die from a doctors mistake then fom a gun. Feel better, or do you need to see a doctor?

    • BrianR says:

      Exactly, Jim. Well said!

      “… Britain’s gun crime has been rising every year in spite of an all out ban.” Actually, I’d say it’s BECAUSE OF their ban. The violent crime rate skyrocketed when their ban went into effect, especially “hot burglaries” in which the Bad Guys enter occupied homes to carry out their crimes. They know they no longer have to fear armed residents.

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  23. jevica says:


    May be off topic but, Harry Reid-” Dictionary definition of “hypocrite”:

    1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
    2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.”

    Same about the gun control types who have armed guards, or a gun permit of their own.

  24. Im having a small problem. I cant get my reader to pick up your feed, Im using msn reader by the way.

    • BrianR says:

      I’m sorry, I’m not “geek” enough to help with the problem. I’m not even sure what you meant…


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