First We’re “Enemies”. Now We’re Suffering From “Madness”

On 25 October 2010, during a rambling interview on Spanish-language TV station Telemundo during the last election cycle, Dear Leader Obama made the following statement: “And if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, we’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us…”.

He labeled his political opponents during that election cycle – presumably all loyal Americans – as “enemies”.

Yesterday he took it a step further during his campaign fundraising swing through Maine. In discussing and dismissing conservative opposition to his economic policies, he said: “We won’t win the race for new jobs and new businesses and middle-class security if we cling to this same old, worn-out, tired ‘you’re on your own’ economics that the other side is peddling… You know, the idea you would keep on doing the same thing over and over again, even though it’s been proven not to work. That’s a sign of madness.”

So now, it seems, conservatives are “mad”, as in “insane”.

I suppose this is yet another example of the “civility in political discourse” we’re all being constantly lectured about. Which apparently leftists are exempt from having to practice.

There’s one word for this: “hypocrite”.

© Brian Baker 2012

47 comments on “First We’re “Enemies”. Now We’re Suffering From “Madness”

  1. AfterShock says:

    Obama is a Hitler of a different color’d skin. As with his predecessor, Jews and Christians are still to be loathed, but in particular conservative whites with blue eyes are the intended recipient of HIS (Herr Hitler’s) wrath. This totalitarian fascist sees a world in black, without white. You and I BrianR as well as all the people we know that are either white or in agreement politically, are intended to be eliminated. The irony is too much. Obama is Hitler reincarnate though materially opposite as in going from the negative roll of film to the positive print.

    I say this because back in the eighties, I worked with several blacks at a Church in Lafayette CA. and though at the time we were all friends they talked of Farrakhans admonitions that Islam was preparing for a day when blue/green-hazel-eyed light-skinned people (infidels considered in Islam to have been so cursed by Allah so to be recognized as demons) would be eradicated from the planet. Obama is a Muslim of that I have no doubt, and as is consistent with the Qur’an, infidels are to be lied to in order to reach the ends of Islam.

    In my opinion Brian, we’re in a greater fight this 2012 than most are willing to admit.

    • BrianR says:

      Well, there’s a lot to that. I don’t think we’ve ever had such a rabid socialist in office; maybe FDR. That’s coupled with the fact that domestic socialism has been on a meteoric rise, and increase in “acceptability”, since the late 60s, so that now it’s become simply another facet of America’s standard political spectrum. If, when I was young (and it was in that era), someone had told me that this was going to be the political scene by 2012, I’d have laughed in his face.

      Talk about getting that one wrong!

      The Left of that era was so intent on castigating and condemning “the Establishment” that I never would have guessed they’d so successfully switch strategy to taking that same “establishment” over, but that’s exactly what they’ve done; in academia, the arts, entertainment, and most importantly, control of the news.

      Of course, to their detriment, that last one is something they’re finally losing control of because of talk radio and the internet.

      But there’s no doubt about it: we are in the fight of our lives, here and now.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Madness? Oh pleeeeeeze!!!!!!! What an asshole.

    He’s quoting Einstein whereas “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”. That definition would apply to liberals. Those jackasses cannot point to one, not one, thing that they have affected in a positive manner. Socialism has failed every time. Hell, their patron saint Fidel has even said as much. It doesn’t work.

    Still the “one” continues to shine that turd and accuse his detractors of not being enlightened enough to see the brilliance of their ideology despite overwhelming historical evidence proving the contrary.

    Yup, we are in for the fight of our lives. Too bad so few know it.

    • BrianR says:

      Yep, exactly.

      I was going to point out, in the essay, the contradiction of his use of the Einsteinian definition, and how HIS dedication to the complete and absolute failure of the ideology of socialism made his statement contradictory in nature. But then, I figured I’d get bogged down in debates about whether or not he promotes “socialism”, whether or not it’s a “failure”, blah blah, etc. I use these essays I write as “letter to the editor” submissions, too. And I didn’t want to get the discussion in those places sidetracked. I wanted to stay focused on Bat Ears’s hypocrisy and Bravo Sierra “do as I say, not as I do” crapola.

      But, Hardnox, you nailed it, my friend. As did Shocky.

  3. Jack says:

    The heck of it is he’ll probably WIN re-election!

    A year ago I never imagined I’d be saying that, but w/this crop of candidates (Romney, Santorum, Gingrich)…he’s probably got a better than even chance.

    Esp. if the goosed-up economy holds up until November.

    • BrianR says:

      Actually, Jack, I disagree. I think it will take pretty much a miracle for Bat Ears to win. A lot of reasons. Let me explain my thinking.

      First of all, gas prices. See my earlier essay. The peeps are sick of these gas prices, and the President — whomever he is — is answereable. PARTICULARLY in this case, as his insane energy policies are causing it.

      Next, in June SCOTUS will rule on Obamacare. Again, see my earlier essay. I predict it’s going down, and he’ll take a huge hit in prestige.

      Then there’s historical precedent. Since FDR, the only Democrat to to be elected twice to the office has been Clinton. He’s the ONLY one re-elected on his own for a second term.

      Lastly, I’m wondering how you see the economy as having been “goosed up”. Unemployment is still soaring, gas prices are through the roof, our national debt is skyrocketing, etc. That truly puzzles me.

      • Jack says:

        Obama isn’t a shoe-in by any means. There’s still lots of time until November. President Obama has been horribly disappointing (even to many of his core supporters), but I think Candidate Obama may still have some ‘gas’ left in the tank.

        By “goosed” economy I refer to the many short-term gimmicks Obama has done to buy re-election. The massive deficit-spending and money printing, Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and extension of the Bush tax-cuts as well as the one-year payroll tax reduction are all things which have succeeded in temporarily boosting the stock-market and at least somewhat stabilizing unemployment and the economy. Classic vote-buying.

        Much is gonna come down to “spin”, imo. Will the electorate buy into Oblablah’s class warfare rhetoric? Will he be able to pin high gas prices on ‘greedy’ oil companies and financial ‘speculators’? Will the specter of Republican “austerity” measures scare the multitudes who’re on one form of welfare or another?

        As much as I hate public unions, they’re incredibly well-organized, and still have lots of money and influence (courtesy of the taxpayer!). They’re firmly in Obama’s corner and will be loudly amplifying his class-warfare rhetoric.

        The Republican nominee (likely Romney) is gonna be weak imo. I know very few conservatives who’re exited about the future nominee, and if the base isn’t overly enthusiastic, neither will Independents be.

        American politics (esp. presidential) has degenerated into a lesser-of-two-evils/devil-I-know contest. I believe this favors the incumbent (only one incumbent, a REPUBLICAN, since Carter in 1980 has lost). Obama has a TON of campaign money and if nothing catastrophic occurs before November I think he wins.

        I REALLY hate to say this, but I think the electorate is currently swinging more towards the OWS mentality than the TPM’s.

        As long as the GOP holds on to 1 house of congress, I don’t necessarily think Obama winning would be bad. When a Democrat is in the White House, Republicans tend to act more conservative just for spite’s sake. Things will likely become so bad during a 2nd Obama term that a real conservative potus can win in 2016.

      • Jack says:

        Forgot to mention interest rates.

        As long as they remain this ridiculously and artificially low, the consequences of fiscal irresponsibility are easier to hide or ignore.

        Until the CONSEQUENCES of massive deficits are REALLY being felt, the kick-the-can-down-the-road mentality will remain in force.

        Until inflation seriously ramps-up, Reaganian/Bushian/Obamian record-breaking deficits will remain the norm.

      • BrianR says:

        Okay, Jack, gotcha. All really good points, I think. And, of course, there’s always a good possibility he can win. As you say, there’s a lot of time between now and November, and a lot can happen.

        But there are many problems for Oblahblah ( that was really good!). I think his empty rhetoric is wearing thin everywhere. When even the lefty MSM is questioning you, you’re in deep trouble as a Dem prez candidate, and they are now. His own base is very disappointed in him, because he hasn’t gone far enough — in their eyes — of enacting the radical agenda they want and expect.

        I think that once the GOP is done with their nominating process and turn their attention on him, his status as a naked emperor is really going to become much more obvious to the electorate.

        Now, he’ll always have a core support group no matter what. The die-hard leftist contingent that would even vote for Satan if he was a Democrat. Those people are hopeless. But I gotta tell ya, I can foresee circumstances under which this year’s election mirrors 1980, with a landslide blowout against Bat Ears.

        I think there are certain things that are crucial in a presidential year; gas prices is one of them, because it hits everybody in every way. The cost of filling your tank, the cost of transporting and manufacturing goods, etc. Airline tickets. Like that. It’s very visible, and hits everyone. That’s an area where Bat Ears is HUGELY vulnerable, and his “E-e-e-vil oil companies” shtick isn’t going anywhere other than with his hard-core leftist contingent, and they’re irrelevant in the debate because they’ll vote for him no matter what.

        Another is deficit spending. People get that nowadays, and it’s huge, because it’s a cost passed down to people’s kids as a legacy, and they get that, too. And Bat Ears has put drunken sailors to shame.

        And, again, Obamacare, his signature legislation, is hugely unpopular. That’s going to hurt him badly.

        We’ll see. I’m certainly not sanguine, but I am optimistic.

  4. Gunny G says:

    I had to laugh the other day when a reporter asked about higher gas prices and instead of answering the question, Zero MOCKED the reporter!

    Anyone who opposes the Regime is mocked, threatened, labeled an enemy, etc.

    Obama is and always will be a far left ideologue and NOTHING with change that and he has a legion of hardcore kool aid drinkers on his side. I know, I argued with one the other day on travel. They really ARE the enemies of the Republic.

    • BrianR says:

      LOL Gunny!

      You know how it is: if you hate the message, kill the messenger.

      And I completely agree: they are, indeed, “enemies”. Not foreign; domestic.

  5. Nee says:

    Did you see where he said that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again? Geesus H!! This guy is a piece of work…and knowing it and having to deal with people who think he is still the greatest thing since sliced bread….ARGH!!

    It’s hard to keep the faith that the SCOTUS will not keep any part of O care. We don’t have a choice, though, do we? And so, as my military bearing is ever strong…I will support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, without question. And I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    • BrianR says:

      Me, too, Nee.

      As to Obamacare: if the mandate’s struck down — and that’s the most vulnerable part — the rest of it has to go. It can’t be sustained without the mandate.

  6. thedrpete says:

    Demagoguery beats data, BrianR. Always has and continues to.

  7. Jack says:

    Brian, I spend time at conservative, liberal, libertarian, and even non-political blogs in order to get as full a view as I can.

    You’re 100% right about O-care. As far as I can tell ONLY the hardcore Obamatons strongly support it, simply because it was their savior’s intended legacy. Many Leftists have very strong reservations about it, as you’ve also said.

    In a perverse way (only my opinion) a repeal could end up helping Obama, in that its absence in a campaign would eliminate a major issue which favors the GOP candidate. If Obamacare no longer exists, its no longer, in reality, an issue. If scotus overturns it, Obama would be smart to not whine too much about it.

    There are folks who are just gonna vote either Republican or Democrat no matter what.

    In reality there is only a fairly small segment of the electorate that is truly up for grabs.

    The margin between victory or defeat in so many states is razor thin.

    The way this sliver PERCEIVES the respective candidates and Parties will decide the contest.

    Discerning this is hard and, even though today I’d say Obama would win, I could see him being blown out too come early November.

    Take care, and I look forward to coming back in the future to get your and your posters’ perspectives.

    • BrianR says:

      Jack, I’m certainly looking forward to your further participation here. It’s very stimulating; you give good comment.


      I agree with your assessment of Bat Ears’s wisest political course if O-care is shot down… and I also have the utmost faith that he won’t take that course. His political inexperience is his biggest fault. His constant gaffes, as this essay is about. His overt and blatant partisanship, this from a guy who painted himself last time as being “post-partisan”. Examples abound: his chastisement of SCOTUS right to their faces at the SOU address, his “I won” statement to McCain at the health care conference in the White House, his stomping out on the Isreali Prime Minister, on and on and on, examples abound. The guy’s arrogant, and it shows. He’s always looking for revenge, and THAT shows, too! No way he lets a defeat in court go.

      He’ll view it as a rallying point politically, and he’ll be partially correct. The lefties who’d vote for him anyway will be outraged. But he won’t get that it’ll only fire up those who’ll vote for him anyway; he’ll think he can rally others to his cause. That’s a HUGE self-shooting-in-the-head problem for him.

      Again, his inexperience and arrogance will be his undoing.

      • Jack says:

        Once again spot on sir!

        When people have nearly worshipped you as the savior of humankind, I guess a swollen head is to be expected, eh?

        As a transplanted Southerner living in SoCal, memories of the night “The Messiah” was declared King of America are still fresh in MY mind. I don’t believe I’ve ever been as embarrassed and dismayed at the behavior of my fellow Americans (especially here in Liberal Central) as I was that unfortunate night. How Obamania carried SO many off! After he was declared the winner, several of my neighbors literally RAN out of their houses screaming “Obama!” at the top of their lungs, whilst cars drove up and down the street honking their horns (also yelling “Obama!” out their windows). It was downright frightening!

        Before the election a good friend (also a political ‘junkie’ and former Southerner extremely to the Right like me) and I nearly came to blows w/Obama-nuts several times, at the local brewhouse, when we had the NERVE to say we thought Obama was sh*t (please excuse the language). I actually had to brandish a weapon, once, to get a pack of them to let off–and believe me I’m the LAST kind of person to resort to that. For those of the Rightist persuasion who don’t live in rabidly liberal places, its probably hard to imagine how it was like here! Leftists are FAR more implacably intolerant and prone to violence than any Rightist I’ve ever known.

        Most politicians believe the world revolves around them and they’re some of the most disconnected-from-reality people in the world.

        They are, truly, the dastardly “1%” that common folks should be PO’d at.

        OK, I’ve rambled on FAR too much here at your blog. I’ll take my leave and visit down the road, after I’ve made my “rounds” at other blogs.

        I’m glad I happened upon your musings–keep up the excellent work!

      • BrianR says:

        Jack, thanks for the kind words… and that HILARIOUS episode!

        I, too, live in SoCal, but fortunately in the Santa Clarita Valley, which is pretty conservative. So we didn’t have any dingbats running out into the streets on election night celebrating Bat Ears’s beatification.

        BTW, sorry for the delay in getting this onto the thread. For some odd reason it ended up in the “spam” file, and I only just now spotted it. I have to see if there’s some way of turning that filter off.

  8. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) says:

    I would venture an observation that Obama is correct about one thing; i.e., that most Conservatives and Moderates are “mad”.

    They are “mad” that with more oil than the Middle East, gasolines prices (plus food prices and everything else that higher shipping costs affect) are rising.

    They are “mad” that when a young black man is shot and killed in Florida, that the president throws “fuel on the fire” before all the facts are in.

    They are “mad” that Obamacare is being rammed down our throats when every poll shows that 67% of America does not want it.

    They are “mad” that an open microphone picks up the president making shady deals with the Russians concerning missile defense.

    This weekend I was at Shiloh National Military Park (along with 3 of my grandchildren, at least 1000 Boy Scouts, and approximately 20,000 other Americans). All of us honored the troops (both North and South) who participated in one of the largest and most bloody battles that occurred during the American Civil War during this its 150 year anniversary. (Note for those who are interested, I was there at the 100 year anniversary.)

    I spoke to people from Pennslyvania, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, South Carolina, Nebraska, Indiana, and of course Mississippi. Every one of them (and I repeat every one of them) were so “mad” concerning our Fearless Leader, that they were ready to take up arms RIGHT NOW and physically throw him out of office. It was men like myself (and most of the re-enactors and the military personnel who were present) who were cautioning restraint. Perhaps, those people who know the most about a civil war know that it is not something to take “lightly”.

    As a side note, my 10 year old grand-daughter had much fun flirting with the Boy Scouts (and I looked at them and thought was I ever that young?). My 8 year old grandson had much fun talking to the re-enactors from both sides and walking through the encampments looking. And my 13 year old grandson and I had a blast talking with the the Navy & Marine Living History Association (and the US Naval Landing Force’s) president Mr. Chuck Veit (USN reservist) and author of “A Dog Before a Soldier”. He too was one of those who cautioned restraint to everyone who came by their encampment. BTW, did you know that the Confederates took large lumps of coal, hollowed them out, installed gunpowder, and placed them in the storage lockers of US ships during the American Civil War?

    • BrianR says:

      LOL, Gray!

      Yeah, that was why I added the phrase “as in ‘insane'” to the essay, because conservatives are, indeed, “mad”. I had to define Bat Ears’s usage.

      It sounds like you had a good time, and that it was instructive (on several levels) for the kids. That’s wonderful. But it is amazing how much rancor Bat Ears has earned for himself. Which is why he’s replaced Carter as Worst Ever.

      I have to say, go back to our discussions of four years ago, and his term is working out exactly as I predicted. His and his fellow Dems’ grotesque overreach, and insanely socialist policies, have alienated and outraged huge swaths of the peeps. Not only are they in very deep electoral trouble this year, but they’ve managed to expose and discredit the rabidly extremist nature of their ideology.

      I think that was absolutely necesary for the future of the country. They’ve managed for far too long to successfully use an incrementalist approach, boiling the frog. It’s damned well about time the frog woke up to reality.

      Hmmm… pretty good metaphor. Maybe the basis for an essay….

    • Chuck Veit says:

      Gray Ghost: I am very happy that you enjoyed your experience at Shiloh in April, but must point out that I am not now nor ever have been a “USN reservist.” Military service is not a requirement of membership in our organization, and we are split about 50:50 between folks who served and those who have not; we are all united by our desire to learn and share the Navy’s story.
      –Chuck Veit, President, Navy & Marine LHA

      • BrianR says:

        Check, thanks for taking the time to comment. I’ll email Gray and let him know you responded to your comment.

  9. clyde says:

    Good post,and comments. Count me in the “mad” category. At THIS sonofabitch,and the slavish,drooling media that GOT him there.

    • BrianR says:

      Well, the same problem adheres: that pesky Constitution. Exactly how does he plan to implement this? Under what authority? What part of the Constitution permits such interference in the free market?

      Oh… wait… let me guess…

      The Commerce Clause again! Just like Obamacare!

      • Nee says:

        Yeah…got in a skrimish over that one…I did…I’m telling you, I am going to lead a party at the SCOTUs if they don’t do their effing job!

      • BrianR says:


        Of that, I have absolutely NO doubt at all.

  10. jevica says:

    Brian remember the lesser of two evils is still evil.

    If Romney is the nominee that may very well take O-Care off off the table as a campaign issue for the PSP?

    I sure hope Romney doesn’t pull a McCain and goes after BHO big time, but then he will not be able to use O-Care, will he?

    • BrianR says:

      Actually, Jev, he sure can.

      The point he keeps making is completely valid: the premise of federalism is solidly based on the idea that states have a lot of powers the feds don’t. It’s perfectly valid to make the argument that what was good for Massachussetts isn’t good on the national level, whether or not you agree that it was good for Massachussetts (which I don’t, of course). That doesn’t invalidate his criticism of Obamacare.

      • jevica says:

        Brian good point.

        I hope I don’t like my dislike for him to cloud my judgement. I could not vote for McLiberal, so far I don’t know about Romney.

        BHO has to go will Romney be the one to do it? I don’t know, do you?

      • BrianR says:

        Well, even last time I was saying I could hold my nose for Romney. He’s actually sounding more conservative this time. And I still hold the same view about him: he’s not my ideal by any means, but he’s a businessman, and businesspeople know that if you’re going to be trusted and successful you have to live up to your sales promises.

        He’s promising all the right things.

        Is he a true conservative at heart? I don’t think so. I think he’s the ultimate pragmatist who finds out what he needs to promise to close the deal, and makes that contract.

        This time around I liked Bachmann the most. I WANTED to vote for her. I also liked Pawlenty a lot. As I’ve said, no way will I ever vote for Gingrich. Paul, of course, is the joke candidate. I have to say, I’m really starting to lose my enthusiasm for Santorum. He’s sounding more and more bitter — a bad quality, and unappealing politically — and seems to be coming unglued.

        I’m coming to the opinion that Romney may indeed be the best chance to unthrone Dear Leader Bat Ears. Don’t forget that as Governor, Reagan signed some pretty “liberal” laws into effect. Look how he turned out as President!

        Romney has a lot of potential, I’m beginning to see — or maybe convince myself of.


  11. says:

    Yep. Everything he does and says reminds me of (a) a spoiled child; and (b) a dumbass trying to impress much smarter folks with his “superior” knowledge.

    • BrianR says:

      Yep. That “superior knowledge” rep is unearned, too, IMO. But he DID earn the “dumbass” label.

  12. Why do liberals intentionally overlook that one of the key points in our Revolution and Founding was PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? Are they really that ignorant of our nation’s principles?

    Oh, wait…they want to overturn everything those old, dead, white slaveowners wanted. Never mind.

    • BrianR says:

      Actually, IMO you hit on the key ideological and philosophical difference between traditional conservatism and leftism.

      Conservatism is, as you wrote, based on the premise of personal responsibility. Leftism is based on collectivism. It’s really that simple.

  13. says:

    Brian R: He actually believes conservatives are mad or insane. This is another Seventh Grade Civics lesson.
    In the old USSR many were declared insane because they didn’t like communism.
    The thought being if you didn’t like such a perfect form of government you had to be crazy.

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